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TEEN TOP (Korejsky: 틴탑) je jihokorejská klučičí skupina tvořená 6 členy: C.A.P, Chunji, L.Joe, Niel, Ricky, Changjo. Pod T.O.P Media, kde byli nalezeni Andym Lee (Shinhwa) v roce 2010. Vydali první single album "Come Into the World" 9.července 2010 a oficiálně debutovali 10. července 2010 na MBC's Show" Music Core. Oficiální Fan Club se jmenuje "Angel " dříve (neoficiálně) jen" Andromeda "(převzato z jejich Daum Cafe).

(Omluvte že je to anglicky překládat budu postupně ^^)

Teen Top members Ricky and Niel were both child actors. Niel debuted through the musical "Please", and played the younger role of actor Joo Won in the musical. Ricky debuted through the music video for Seo Taiji's "Human Dream", and played the younger role of Song Seung Hun in "Love Song" as well.

2010: Debut
Teen Top made their official debut in July, with their title track, Clap (박수), with the music video featuring Lizzy from After School. Their debut single album, Come Into The World, was released on July 9, 2010. The group's debut officially began on July 10, 2010, first performing on MBC's Show! Music Core and then later on SBS's Inkigayo, receiving positive reviews for both performances. Netizens also gave Teen Top the nickname 'Knife Choreography'.

2011: "Supa Luv", "No More Perfume On You" and " Roman"
On January 13, 2011, Teen Top made their first comeback on M!Countdown with their 2nd single, "Supa Luv", which was produced by Shin Hyuk. The lyrics were rewritten and translated by Wheesung, with the original song written and sung by Redd Stylez.
On March 2, 2011, Teen Top released an MV for a remixed version of "Supa Luv" by A-rex featuring scenes from Beastly. The remix has then been chosen for promotional works for the movie throughout Asia.
The group also made an appearance on Le Grand Journal. Teen top received overwhelming critical acclaim by comparison to other acts that have made it to the show. The performance of "Supa Luv" on the show was highly praised, with hosts commenting on the synchronized dancing and the pastel colour hair sported by each member. Notable acts who have made it into the talk show as well include Eminem, Usher, Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas and Rihanna who have each attended and performed live.
On July 11, 2011, after celebrating Teen Top's first anniversary, T.O.P. Media, as the agency representative of Teen Top, announced on Teen Top's official site that a new mini album was set to be released on the 26th of July 2011. Further details were also revealed regarding teen Top's comeback.
On July 21, 2011, T.O.P. Media released the first teaser for Teen Top's comeback single, "No More Perfume On You", through various video sites including YouTube and Daum, with the second teaser being released exclusively on YouTube the day after. The mini-album, titled "Roman", was released on the July 27th through market sales, while audio streaming and downloading was released the day before.
2012: "It´s", " Going Crazy" First Inauguration, and "Artist"
On January 4, 2012, Teen Top released their second mini album, "It's". Brave Brothers produced, wrote, composed, and mixed all six tracks in the album. Teen Top later revealed the music video for their comeback, "Going Crazy" on January 5, 2012, featuring 4Minute's Kwon Sohyun. "Going Crazy" was introduced in Brazilian Rede TV's entertainment news program "Leitura Dinamica" on January 10, 2012, which helped to gain international interest for Teen Top in Brazil.
On February 3, 2012, Teen Top won their very first award on KBS Music Bank since debuting on July 10, 2010 with Clap. They received the honor of performing the ending stage on MBC Show! Music Core, followed by a another win on SBS Inkigayo. At the average age of 17.3, they were the youngest idol group to have won awards on the aforementioned music shows.
On February 25, 2012, Teen Top once again, received the honor of performing the ending stage for MBC Show! Music Core.
On May 28, 2012, Teen Top celebrated their first Official ANGEL Fan Club Inauguration.
On May 30, 2012, their new album "Artist" was released digitally, followed by the MV for their title track, "To You". Their single, "To You" was produced by the Brave Brothers and written by the YG Entertainment trainee Kang Park. They have already gained much attention with this album, topping major music charts. Physical albums were released on June 4th, 2012.
On June 19, 2012, they began their 'Teen Top Zepp Tour 2012' in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo (Japan).
Jméno : L.Joe
Pravé jméno : Lee Byung Hun
Datum narození : 23. 11. 1993
Výška : 171 cm
Váha : 50 kg
Záliby : Herectví
Speciality : Piano, housle, hudební kompozice, angličtina
Škola : Korea Arts High School
Jméno : Changjo
Pravé jméno : Choi Jong Hyun
Datum narození : 16. 11. 1995
Výška : 177 cm
Váha : 58 kg
Záliby : Kompozice, choreografie, hudební hodnocení (?)
Speciality : Sebeobrana
Škola : ChunCheon Middle School

Jméno : Ricky
Pravé jméno : Yoo Chang Hyun
Datum narození : 27 . 2. 1995
Výška : 172 cm
Váha : 55 kg
Záliby : Filmové hodnocení (?), piáno
Speciality : Herectví
Škola : Namgang Middle School
Jméno : Chunji
Pravé jméno : Lee Chan Hee
Datum narození : 05. 10. 1993
Výška : 173 cm
Váha : 53 kg
Záliby : Puzzle, čtení
Speciality : Imitování
Škola : Seongji Middle School
Jméno : C.A.P
Pravé jméno : Bang Min Soo
Datum narození : 04. 11. 1992
Výška : 178 cm
Váha : 61 kg
Záliby : Design, kreslení, cvičení
Speciality : Psaní textů a rap
Škola : Seongname Information Industry High School
Jméno : Niel
Pravé jméno : Ahn Daniel
Datum narození : 16. 8. 1994
Výška : 177 cm
Váha : 54 kg
Záliby : Hudební hodnocení (?)
Speciality : Fotbal
Škola : Heungjin High School
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